Four times each year, Nielsen surveys people in the Boise
Designated Market Area (DMA) to determine television-viewing habits.
The Boise DMA is comprised of 11 counties in Southwest Idaho
and 1 county in Southeast Oregon. 

The Boise DMA is ranked 110*
Twelve counties compose the Boise DMA.  Ada, Boise, Canyon, Gem, & Owyhee counties comprise our Metro and account for 86% of the television households in our DMA. 
Boise DMA Counties (Sept. 2012)
        County                TV HH                              County                  TV HH 
        Ada                     151,360 (Metro)                Owyhee                    3,780 (Metro)
        Adams                    1,520                              Payette                    7,640
        Boise                      2,590 (Metro)                 Valley                       3,990
        Camas                       370                               Washington             3,580
        Canyon                 63,700 (Metro)                 Malheur                   9,630
        Elmore                    9,230                                            
        Gem                        6,130 (Metro)
                                                                                        Total TV HH--263,520
        *Source:  Nielsen U.S. Television Household Estimates, February, 2015







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